To use Kickflip you need PHP 8+ and composerinstalled and setup on your machine. You will also need Node.jsand NPMinstalled as Kickflip uses ShikiJSfor syntax highlighting within markdown rendering workflows.

Install via Composer

These directions assume your computer already has PHP and Composer installed, if you do not stop and set those up first. You may create a new Kickflip project by using Composer directly.

After the site has been created, you may use Laravel's Valetfor local development server:

composer create-project mallardduck/kickflip example-site

cd example-site

valet link

Getting asset dependencies

Out of the box the starter project uses Laravel's Mixfor asset compilation, in addition to tailwindcss. Before the first site build you must build the Mix assets or you will get an error about mix()method missing the manifest.

npm install
npm run dev

First Build

Once the assets have been built you can run kickflip with:

./vendor/bin/kickflip build