Site Variables

Every rendered view will have the same instance of SiteDataexposed to it. This is the same one bound to the container on 'site'. This object contains properties for all the main site configuration data.

Config Based Properties

A number of the config.phpvalues are defined properties on the SiteDataobject. For these items the values will be set from the relevant config file directly.

On the config, these will be:

    'baseUrl' => 'http://kickflip-docs.test/',
    'production' => false,
    'siteName' => 'Kickflip',
    'siteDescription' => 'Static site generation based on Laravel Zero',
    // Algolia DocSearch credentials
    'docsearchApiKey' => '',
    'docsearchIndexName' => '',

And within the SiteDataproperties they will end up as:

    public string $baseUrl,
    public bool $production,
    public string $siteName,
    public string $siteDescription,
    public ?string $docsearchApiKey = null,
    public ?string $docsearchIndexName = null,
    public bool $autoExtendMarkdown = true,

Additionally, the site's navigation data is loaded on to the SiteData::$navigationproperty. However, this data is configured in config/navigation.phprather than in the main config file.

To read more on this, see the Navigation page.

Additional Dynamic Properties

This is not a feature currently supported by Kickflip. Opinionated as it may be, this was intentional to ensure SiteDatais very well-defined. While users familiar with Jigsaw may wish for this - because Kickflip provides other alternatives this will never be supported.

To read more about, providing global data to all Blade powered views see Global Dataunder Template Data.